Friday, March 20, 2009

Chasing as a Game

Hi Sandy
We checked out your Blog site and it looks good. I tried to add us to the site by following your directions but I don't know which service to add as I already have a home page and don't want to make it Google or any other.
I've added it to my favorite list and can access it that way.
We bought Abby from you and are really enjoying her. Last April she drove home with us to Alberta and got her first taste of snow (literally) We are back down in Florida for six months and head back to Canada in 5 weeks, The first year with Abby was very trying - she ate everything when she was on walks - worms, rabbit poop, tree dropping etc etc etc. She's improved quite a bit but we have to watch her. The other trying time is when you want to pick her up to put her in the kennel. Earlier this year when I said "Kennel" she would run and get in the kennel. Now when I say it or go to pick her up - she runs and the chase is on. Hopefully I can stop this behavior.
Bottom line... We love Abby and she is the greatest dog we have ever owned. She's affectionate (not like our last Silky) she loves everyone and all other dogs. She is the best!!
Good luck on your Blog
Could you send us your grooming article?

Here's the data --

Dogs can get into a state of mind where it's a great game to avoid their owners. While obedience works and teaching "come" is in the end a super idea, there are things that can be done in the short run. It's interesting to see that the more you chase your dog, the more they run away!
If it is a matter of Abby going to her kennel properly in the house (in other words, there are no open doors or other safety issues) it really is a matter of NOT chasing her, and making it her idea that going to her kennel is the right and fun thing to do.
I have a little girl Lucy who will not come willingly to me. I can corner her and get her but this doesn't resolve the issue for the next time. So I open the pen gate which opens into the house and ignore her. She comes happily into the house; after a bit she touches her noise repeatedly against the back of my knee. It's like she's saying "I'm right here!! Chase me!" I keep ignoring her and stroll to her crate, which has some nice goodies in it. She can't resist, happily "goes crate" and I shut the door.

You can use this exact procedure with Abby. Good luck and keep me posted!

Best, Sandy

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